Anxiety 104: Managing Anxiety with Expressive Arts

The non-verbal and process-oriented nature of the arts plays a unique role in the healing process. In this interactive workshop, participants are invited to explore the creative processes with the arts and how this can impact healing and wellness. A basic introduction to the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC) as a framework for creative functioning lays the groundwork for understanding how a person processes information found in images, words, music and movement. Furthermore, participants are invited to engage in experiential, hands-on exercises to explore how they interact with their chosen art media using an intermodal approach to the arts.


At the end of this 3-hour seminar-workshop, the participants would be able to: 

  1. Understand the role of expressive arts for healing and wellness

  2. Understand the nature of creativity and its role in the use of arts modalities

  3. Articulate the levels of Expressive Therapies Continuum as a framework for creative expression

  4. Articulate the role of witness in the creative process

  5. Explore different arts-based techniques in managing anxiety using an intermodal approach




Certificate of Completion

You will receive your Certificate of Completion immediately after completing the post-test and evaluation. We value your feedback and participation, and the certificate will be available to download as soon as you finish these final steps.