Group-Administered Intelligence Tests

PsychConsult, Inc. is offering a CPD-accredited online course,
Group-Administered Intelligence Tests with Arsenio "Boboy" Sze Alianan, Jr., PhD, RPsy!  See the details below!



Title:  Group-Administered Intelligence Tests

Resource Speaker:  Arsenio "Boboy" Sze Alianan, Jr., PhD, RPsy

Event Delivery:  Online Course via Kuro.Pro

Dates:  September 30, 2019 to September 30, 2020

Target Participants:  Registered Psychologists, Registered Psychometricians, and Registered Guidance Counselors

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points:  For RPsy & RPm - 2.5 (PSYCH-2017-022-472) | For RGC - 3 (RGC-2017-022-322)


This is an advanced course for psychologists, psychometricians, and guidance counselors (beyond what may be learned in school), newly licensed and seasoned alike, who are involved in doing psychological assessments in different settings.

This course tackles measurement of intelligence with a focus on group-administered intelligence tests.  It gives an overview of the history of the measurement of intelligence and examines landmark models of intelligence, which are overlooked in many undergraduate programs.  These are meant to enhance the discussion on the interpretation of group-administered intelligence tests.  Some exemplars of these tests, both foreign-made and locally developed, will also be discussed.  The course ends with some examples of reporting intelligence test results.


Course Objectives:

1. Explain a brief history of the measurement of intelligence
2. Clarify at least five models of intelligence
3. Link the models of intelligence with specific group-administered intelligence tests
4. Interpret and report sample intelligence test results.           


You may enroll in the course at for just Php 500.


Please take note: The CPD-accreditation is valid from September 30, 2019  to September 30, 2020. Kindly complete the course within the said period to ensure your CPD units.


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